Honor 6X

What is it?

A mid-range Huawei phone that runs on the Android operating system. It has a 5.5-inch Full HD+ screen (2,340 x 1,080p). As a point of comparison, that's the same size as the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Its battery is 3,340mAh, it comes with 3GB of Ram and a meagre 32GB of on-board storage. The Honor 6X is one of the first smartphones to land on the market with a dual rear camera (12Mp and 2Mp depth lens). It has a single 8Mp front camera.

What’s it like to use?

The screen has good resolution in low lighting but isn’t as strong when it’s exposed to bright light, so you may find it harder to use if you're walking through the park on a summer's day. While it might have enough firepower to do basic tasks, the 6X’s processor is really slow so you may find yourself impatiently waiting for apps to open or the latest games to run.

You'll have clear phone conversations on this Huawei, but clarity dips a bit if you're making a call in a loud environment, such as a bustling café.

It runs on Android Marshmallow straight out of the box. It's not especially tricky to use, but it's a shame that the Honor 6X lacks the app drawer found on other Android phones – this is an icon usually found on the bottom of the screen that opens up a list of all the apps. Aside from that, it’s really easy to use and get around.

It only has a fingerprint scanner which we found works effectively when unlocking the phone. It's underneath the camera on the back of the phone, which is annoying if the phone is face up on a surface but useful when you're already holding it.

How long does the battery last?

This phone's battery life is average, offering nearly 28 hours of use from fully-charged to flat at maximum brightness.

It also musters four hours of use from a 15-minute charge. That's useful if you only have time for a quick charge to get you from A to B but it won’t last you through the day like other smartphones we’ve tested.

How good are the cameras?

Rear camera photos come out ok, though they lack some sharpness. We noticed some graininess in photos, too. On the front camera, although pictures can look a bit too bright, the flash works well.

Videos we recorded on this phone came out horribly. There’s no image stabilisation so our clips were shaky with lots of movement. Adding insult to injury, colours look unnatural as well with a distracting tint to them.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

There's 20GB of space to fill up with photos and apps, despite it saying on the box that the phone has 32GB. That's because a chunk of it is taken up by the operating system and pre-installed apps. If 20GB doesn't sound like it will be enough for you, you will be glad to know that this phone lets you increase the storage by up to 128GB if you purchase a separate micro-SD card.

Is there anything else I should know?

The 6X has NFC capability, which means you'll be able to use it to make contactless payments via Android Pay.

Should I buy it?

We suspect that this smartphone is no longer receiving security updates from the manufacturer, or that it will stop receiving them soon. As such we can’t recommend that you buy it. Security updates, or patches, help to protect your phone from the latest threats, which could potentially harm your device and compromise your personal information. For more information, read our guide to mobile phone security.